We make business transformation and innovation happen.

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About US

Earning your trust is vital because we are driving change in your organization and culture. We are giving information and sharing experiences which encourage exchange.

This exchange is what drives impact and tangible results. It is not by accident that our company is solidly set as a leading actor of business transformation and innovation. We are proud to see our customers taking ownership of our concepts, methods, and experiences and successfully employing them while measuring success by the sustainability of our solutions.

Digital Transformation

There seem to be so many experts in the digital transformation; so why do so many digital initiatives fail?

FACT approaches digital from a strategic perspective, focusing on harnessing the digital transformation to the innovation strategy.

Adapting to Change

We know that embracing radical change requires us to adapt the way we think about business.

Proven Experience

We have hands-on field experience as consultants and executives in large organizations.

Direct Involvement

We know what works and what doesn’t through knowledge and direct involvement.

New Opportunities

We know that digitizing old stuff does not help to adapt to new threats and developing new opportunities.

Deep Knowledge

Our knowledge is not theoretical. 

Adapting to Change


we pride ourselves in asking the right questions. We ask questions that will challenge ideas in an environment designed to help us choose the best ideas that lead to a larger impact on your organization. 

During this process, together we look to eliminate threats that can hinder your digital transformation. We look to define and focus your innovation strategy while keeping it aligned with your business strategy. Continuously querying ways to adapt to market disruptions and continue your transformation while implementing systems of thought that drive innovation.

More about our services


Integral Foundation

At FACT, we know what the essential and practical foundations on which to build digital success are.

Process models.


Roles and responsibilities.

Practical methodologies.

Proven roadmaps.

Clear Management Strategies and Objectives.

Process models.

Mastery & Experience

Our value is in the mastery of these foundational elements and experience in composing coherent implementation models.

We know how to ensure it will continue to serve your needs long beyond implementation. This is what distinguishes us. We care about our customers in a holistic manner and this is felt throughout the course of the relationship.

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